Visited Shakuff showroom in Brooklyn

Hello all the interior lovers in the world !

I visited Shakuff showroom in Brooklyn and wanted to share the experience.

I went to Industrial City in Brooklyn where Japan village is. Once in a while,I need to have a Onigiri from Sunrise Mart food court. They are so good… After that I was walking around and saw “Shakuff” showroom. There are many furniture showrooms in the Industrial City, but I have never seen this one and immediately walked in ! I actually knew the name, but never really knew that they have a showroom here.

They have these all custom made chandeliers and sconces.

The greatest thing of this lighting manufacture is that they can make any size, quantities and lengths of the lights. That is unbelievable helpful when you have a big space like lobby, foyer, staircases or any public spaces. Designers spend hours and hours to look for the correct size lighting sometimes !

Their website is beautiful too. I leave a link here.

The company is from Brooklyn and products are made in Israel, they said.

I will keep in mind for the next project.

Hope you will all have a good day !



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