SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Hello ! I went to the new observatory in NYC, “Summit” in January and I never wrote about it and I was able to take some amazing pictures and wanted to share with you.

The experience of Summit was overall great. This building was beautifully done and collaborated with nice art works that it was more than just an “Observatory” experience. People were taking pictures and upload them on Instagram, Facebook, it was 360 degree photogenic look. You definitely need sunglasses, walls are all mirrored that the sun kills your eye! If you just want the overall NYC view, maybe the downtown one “One World” was a good view I believe. This observatory is in the middle of buildings that you literally feel like you are floating in the center of the city.

For anybody who wants to compare the view from the One World observatory, I leave some pictures from a few years ago. Not a good picture though 🙂

I recall that the “One World” observatory was more touristic attraction in a good way. It was a lot of sound and movie effect.

I was looking for picture of the Empire State building observatory but couldn’t find. .. It was like 7 years ago I went ? People say the Top of the Rock has better views because you can see the Empire State building. Please leave comments if you have your favorite observatory in NYC !

Lastly, I am putting my selfie ! Covered by mask and sunglasses. lol

Have a good day and enjoy NYC !



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