Hello all, today I want to share my favorite Chinese restaurant in NY. this Szechuan Mountain House in East village is the best Szechuan food in the city. My Chinese friend took me to this place, one night and I am not kidding, I needed to go back there next day.

Szechuan Mountain House – 川山甲 23 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

Their food is spicy but sooooo goood ! And yeah everybody knows about it. So you need to wait like 60 min at night.

I am looking at these pictures and can’t wait to go back there.

There are too many restaurants in NYC and they all come and go unfortunately, and this Corona time is not helping. But this place is always packed.

My favorite dish is this, Shrimps !!

It has so much flavor and shrimps were so fresh and yummy. and ofcourse I needed to take some to go, and they gave us a cute paper bag. There is a poet on the bag which this restaurant name is from.

I love spicy food, Mexican, Korean, Thai and especially Chinese food.

Can’t wait to go back 🙂



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