Hello all, today I want to share my favorite Chinese restaurant in NY. this Szechuan Mountain House in East village is the best Szechuan food in the city. My Chinese friend took me to this place, one night and I am not kidding, I needed to go back there next day.

Szechuan Mountain House – 川山甲 23 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

Their food is spicy but sooooo goood ! And yeah everybody knows about it. So you need to wait like 60 min at night.

I am looking at these pictures and can’t wait to go back there.

There are too many restaurants in NYC and they all come and go unfortunately, and this Corona time is not helping. But this place is always packed.

My favorite dish is this, Shrimps !!

It has so much flavor and shrimps were so fresh and yummy. and ofcourse I needed to take some to go, and they gave us a cute paper bag. There is a poet on the bag which this restaurant name is from.

I love spicy food, Mexican, Korean, Thai and especially Chinese food.

Can’t wait to go back 🙂



SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Hello ! I went to the new observatory in NYC, “Summit” in January and I never wrote about it and I was able to take some amazing pictures and wanted to share with you.

The experience of Summit was overall great. This building was beautifully done and collaborated with nice art works that it was more than just an “Observatory” experience. People were taking pictures and upload them on Instagram, Facebook, it was 360 degree photogenic look. You definitely need sunglasses, walls are all mirrored that the sun kills your eye! If you just want the overall NYC view, maybe the downtown one “One World” was a good view I believe. This observatory is in the middle of buildings that you literally feel like you are floating in the center of the city.

For anybody who wants to compare the view from the One World observatory, I leave some pictures from a few years ago. Not a good picture though 🙂

I recall that the “One World” observatory was more touristic attraction in a good way. It was a lot of sound and movie effect.

I was looking for picture of the Empire State building observatory but couldn’t find. .. It was like 7 years ago I went ? People say the Top of the Rock has better views because you can see the Empire State building. Please leave comments if you have your favorite observatory in NYC !

Lastly, I am putting my selfie ! Covered by mask and sunglasses. lol

Have a good day and enjoy NYC !


Visited Shakuff showroom in Brooklyn

Hello all the interior lovers in the world !

I visited Shakuff showroom in Brooklyn and wanted to share the experience.

I went to Industrial City in Brooklyn where Japan village is. Once in a while,I need to have a Onigiri from Sunrise Mart food court. They are so good… After that I was walking around and saw “Shakuff” showroom. There are many furniture showrooms in the Industrial City, but I have never seen this one and immediately walked in ! I actually knew the name, but never really knew that they have a showroom here.

They have these all custom made chandeliers and sconces.

The greatest thing of this lighting manufacture is that they can make any size, quantities and lengths of the lights. That is unbelievable helpful when you have a big space like lobby, foyer, staircases or any public spaces. Designers spend hours and hours to look for the correct size lighting sometimes !

Their website is beautiful too. I leave a link here.

The company is from Brooklyn and products are made in Israel, they said.

I will keep in mind for the next project.

Hope you will all have a good day !


Aurora in NYC ?

Hello all !

Today is April 1st, 2022. My coworker told me that today we can see Northern lights in NYC. I immediately said, that should be an April fool joke…

but look at all these articles !

Is it true, or joke. So are we excepting beatitude aurora in the sky tonight ? Or are we expecting all pure soul New Yorkers looking at the sky and nothing will happen ? lol

Unfortunately it is pretty cloudy today. Well, most of the weekends are all rain and cloud in NYC, which happened last few months. Then this articles might be true, because you won’t make a joke for something that it won’t definitely happen because of weather. We may really just miss out the aurora because of this nasty continuous cloudy weather in NYC ? Anyway, we will find out in a few hours 🙂














今日行ったのはWEST ELM (ウェストエルム)です。





清潔感=イコール 安心感、それは家庭にも取り入れたくなりますよね!
















Safavieh に行ってきました

先日Safaviehに行ってきました。Safavieh(サファビァ)はカーペット屋さんなんですが、家具を扱っているショールームのSafavieh Homeの方に行ってきました。

場所 89 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011 























Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Mariko.

Hi all !

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. My name is Mariko Semba Martinez. I am originally from Japan and live and love New York City. I am an interior decorator, have established my company in 2015 to decorate apartments, houses, events, as well as drafting works, blue prints, furniture drawings and and also still have a contract to work for another interior design company.

I also love traveling ! Experiencing new things and meeting new people are absolutely my passion. I can’t wait to share things I see and connect to the world and you guys. The reasons why I started this blog was I felt like I needed a new way to communicate in this world, after this COVID virus took away my favorite things. I know that this fight with the virus is almost over ( It is December 7th, 2020 today), and I thought that I need to be ready to re-connect to people and wanted to introduce myself again. Hello everyone ! Nice to see you !!

What I am going to write in this blog will be ….

  • Interior design in NYC, new things in furniture showroom, new stores, new restaurants.
  • My work updates, job site visits, furniture and fabric shopping.
  • Traveling ( when this virus is gone.)
  • NYC news, food and trend
  • Japanese news, food and trend

I would love to get comments, if you have a second to leave a comment I will appreciate it so much and will read them all and will try to reply whenever I can.

Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to email me if you have any questions ! My email address is and

For interior decorating work, drafting etc. please visit my company website

Thank you,

Mariko Semba Martinez

Visiting Construction Site 12/07/2020

Hi All,

I visited my job site today, this is for the interior design company I have a contract with, so it is not only my personal work, but I am one of the manager for this project.

I loooooove this job site, the reason is because I worked with everybody before, so I know everybody and how they work, and everybody is so respectful and professional. Ah I love it so much.

As you can see, it is major remodeling, it is a pre-war building in upper west side, currently framing and working on electrical work. I personally like this part of the remodeling because you can see the new layout coming along.

I am going to order some wedge lights and down lights for new dropped ceiling, tub, etc.

I will upload when I have more updates !!!